As authorised service agent for the manufacturers we represent in Thailand we adhere to the International Limited Warranty conditions specified by each manufacturer for each product sold.

For a Warranty to be valid an International Limited Warranty Card must be validated by an authorised dealer by being properly completed, dated, signed and handed to a customer at the time of sale.

Authorised dealers and authorised service centers are listed on a manufacturer’s website and are shown in the documents accompanying a product at the time of sale.

International Limited Warranty conditions specify the cover, limitation and duration of a manufacturer’s Warranty. Any service carried out under Warranty is carried on the manufacturer’s behalf and the liability for a product and for any defects covered by a Warranty belong to the manufacturer.

International Limited Warranty Cards that are incomplete, issued by unauthorised dealers or missing disqualify a product from being serviced under Warranty.

If a product is serviced or modified by an unauthorised dealer or an unauthorised service center this renders a Warranty void.

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