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Century Time Gems Ltd is headquartered in Nidau, which lies at the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region and is also home to the firm’s production workshops, where every CENTURY watch is born. Headed by Philip W. A. Klingenberg, son of the founder, the Manufacture has always cultivated a sense of elegance and individuality. Different, unique, deliberately independent, CENTURY has, over the decades, come to embody a new, exclusive and refined philosophy of time, crafted in an exceptional material: CENTURY sapphire.

Transparent, perfectly pure, the second hardest material in the world after diamonds, everlasting CENTURY sapphire is jewellery’s dream of flawless perfection. A material that will mould to the incredible creativity of CENTURY’s designers and the magical touch of its master craftsmen who, generation after generation, sculpt and polish each of its facets entirely by hand. This extraordinarily meticulous work is rewarded with a dazzling display of light and colours that has become the most exclusive hallmark of every CENTURY timepiece.

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