Pleasures become Treasures

A dream fulfilled. CADEAUX JEWELRY has long been involved with objets d’art, exquisite miniature sculptures of precious value. In 2009, the company began to seek makers of exquisite art objects in precious metals and precious stones. It is in Germany, in the traditional jewelry centers of Idar-Oberstein and Pforzheimthat we discovered the most skillful artisans, literally hidden away in the hills, working on precious objects that are totally out of this world. All objects created are unique and take months to make. For our customers pleasures become treasures, with GG TREASURE offering the most precious investments money can buy.

GG TREASURE: only at CADEAUX JEWELRY Peninsula Plaza, and at Auctions.


[Objects pictured are extremely rare one-of-a-kind minature sculptures and are are subject to prior sale] [To enlarge an image, please click on it]

Egg with Mama & Baby Duck

An exquisite Egg made of 18 Kt gold with 12 flowers carved of Rock-Crystal and Tourmaline, 2 baroque South-Sea pearls, 17 Diamonds, 22 green Tourmalines, a Pyrite and Rock-Crystal base and an egg shell in olive green enamel on silver. 496 grams, 160 mm high.

Egg with Two Elephants

A Lapislazuli carved elephant stands on a base of grey Agate and 18 Kt gold, and supports an egg in red enamel on silver with an 18 Kt gold lining that houses a second elephant carved of Coral and adorned with an Emerald. 456 grams, 160 mm high.

Geisha with Cherry Blossom

An 18 Kt gold pendant made of a naturally decorative Dendritic Quartz, delicately carved with the face of a Geisha, sits atop a solid piece of Rock-Crystal adorned with 30 pink Tourmalines carved as Sakura flowers on a stem of 18 Kt gold that runs into a precious base. 367 grams, 160 mm high.

Siberian Taiga

An 18 Kt white gold pendant with diamonds atop a piece of blue Chalcedony, partly carved, partly naturally crystallized, determine this miniature sculpture. A raw diamond adds to the look of frozen gemstones and metals, as does the base of Rutilated Quartz and sliver. 410 grams, 140 mm high.

Queen of Saba

The ancient story of the Queen of Saba goes back to the time of King Solomon and plays out in the south-western part of Arabia when they both met and Saba became subject to Solomons suspicions. The queen’s head is a pendant made of Rutilated Quartz set in 18 Kt gold; the base is Rock-Crystal frosted with galvanically crystallized Finegold. 392 grams, 155 mm high.

Carraibean Creole Woman

A Creole person may be described as being of European descent born in the Caribbean or parts of South America and the Atlantic. The head of this sculpture depicting a Creole woman is carved from natural Dendritic Quartz. Set in 18 Kt gold it forms a pendant that can be removed from its base of beautifully carved Rock-Crystal and 18 Kt yellow gold rim. 148 grams, 145 mm high.

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