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International jewelry brands that combine historic profiles with remarkable expertise are retailed exclusively by our company in Thailand. Please click on the brand to go to their original web-site.


Cadeaux Progenitor SQEstablished 1975 by a German sculptor, CADEAUX JEWELRY combines art, design and method to create a singular jewelry identity in 18 Karat gold with diamonds and fine gemstones. The company makes serial designs, unique jewels and individual creations for jewelry lovers.


Faberge Jewelry Featured - 1What began with the ingenious artist-jeweller and goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, Peter Carl Fabergé, continues with the modern-day brand and its exquisite jewels, objects, and watches, timeless masterpieces of beauty, craftsmanship and perfection.


GG Treasure Featured - 1Exquisite objets d’art and miniature sculptures selected by CADEAUX JEWELRY from traditional artisans in Germany and in Switzerland, pleasures that become treasures that are most precious investments that are out of this world.


Andy Muller AdamYears of experience and devotion to cultured pearls have made Andy Müller a widely respected industry expert who sources pearls directly from the South Seas around Tahiti. ANDY MULLER guarantees to deliver only exquisite and remarkable pearls of natural colour and beauty.


Victor Mayer Opera125 years of history, craftsmanship, talent, and artistry passed from generation to generation, and historic styles as Belle Époque and Art Nouveau reverberate through the inspiring collections of a rare company that has retained the secrets of making beautiful enamel jewelry.

For information please contact our head-office, BAECHTOLD LTD., or our shop, CADEAUX JEWELRY.

Jewelry and Watches