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Service Center

BAECHTOLD LIMITED is authorized service agent for CORUM, CENTURY, FABERGE and VENTURA watches in Thailand.

Our  SERVICE CENTRE is located at CADEAUX JEWELRY in downtown Bangkok, open daily from 10-19h. Our 2  qualified watch-makers are on duty from Monday to Saturday, 10-18h.

  • CADEAUX JEWELRY, Gaysorn Shopping Center, 1st Floor, 999 Ploenchit Road, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Tel.  +66 2 656 1350
  • Open Daily 10-19h
  • Our shop is best reached via BTS (Chidlom Station)

Map Gaysorn

Map courtesy Gaysorn Group

Customers may also deliver their watches to any of our company’s Points-of-Sale in department stores in Thailand.

Terms & Conditions for our repair services are set forth in our company’s Service Policy, which covers in particular liability issues especially if pick-up or delivery by our company-representatives at customer designated places are required.

Warranty issues and questions about Internatonal Limited Warranty are outlined here: Warranty.

For more information, please contact our shop, CADEAUX JEWELRY, or our head-office, BAECHTOLD LIMITED.

Jewelry and Watches