Service Guidelines

Watches are precision instruments that need servicing regularly. We are equipped to service and repair watches for which we are authorised dealers  in Thailand.

Jewelry needs regular cleaning and occasional repairs and adjustments. We are equiped and qualfied to carry out such repairs

Charges for repairs and services vary and can be expensive if spare-parts are required or if products have to be shipped abroad to manufacturers for servicig. On request we provide quotations which are subject to customers’ approval before a service is carried out.

Warranty issues and questions about Internatonal Limited Warranty conditions are outlined here: Warranty.

We do not accept to repair, overhaul, polish or service watches of brands for which we are not authorised to do so.

Terms & Conditions for repairs and services are shown here: Service Policy.

For more information, please contact our shop, CADEAUX JEWELRY, or our head-office, BAECHTOLD LIMITED.

Jewelry and Watches