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Service Policy

Terms and Conditions Services and Repairs

(Published 2011, updated 16th April 2015)

1. Preamble

These terms and conditions are published by BAECHTOLD LIMITED, 12/2 Phaholyothin 37, Ladyao, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand (herein referred to as “BAECHTOLD”), and includes employees and sales personnel of BAECHTOLD, but not empolyees of other companies or department stores.

These terms and conditions apply to servicing and repairing (referred to as “services/servicing” and “repair/repairing”) of products as watches, jewelry or other objects (referred to as “product/products”) owned by individuals or companies (referred to as “customer/customers”) and handed to BAECHTOLD for service, irrespective of whether such products were acquired by the customer from BAECHTOLD or not, and in Thailand or elsewhere.

By using BAECHTOLD’S services the customer agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein. Any deviation from the terms mentioned herein must be agreed on in writing.

BAECHTOLD reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, and any such changes take effect when they are posted on this website. It is the customer’s obligation to read these terms and conditions when the customer uses BAECHTOLD’S services.

2. Services

BAECHTOLD shall carry out repair and services of products as watches, movements, bracelets, straps, cases and other parts, and of jewelry and objects, as cleaning, polishing, sizing, repairs of mechanical parts, or any other services agreed on.

BAECHTOLD shall only carry out and invoice services that have been based on cost and time estimates and accepted by the customer. BAECHTOLD enters an obligation to service only when BAECHTOLD confirms acceptance of a required service in writing with a Service Order (referred to as “Service Order”).

3. Obligations and Cancellation

By placing a Service Order with BAECHTOLD, the customer enters an obligation to pay for and accept the services being provided.

Until a Service Order is confirmed, the customer has the right of cancellation without any reason.

BAECHTOLD reserves the right not to service products when a price cannot be agreed on with the customer, or for any other reason. If BAECHTOLD cancels a Service Order that a customer has confirmed by Service Order and payment, the customer is entitled to a full refund and return of the unrepaired product.

4. Pricing

BAECHTOLD may publish prices for services. Published prices are not binding on BAECHTOLD until confirmed in a written Service Order. Prior to confirmation BAECHTOLD reserves the right to change prices at any time, however, not after a Service Order has been confirmed. Any price offer will be subject to customer’s acceptance and carry a validity of 15 days.

Service prices for services performed in Thailand include all Thailand taxes, including duties for imported parts and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Charges for delivery, shipping, packaging and insurance if the product has to be sent abroad for servicing are for the customer’s account.

5. Receiving, Delivery and Shipping Expenses

A product is deemed received by BAECHTOLD when received at an authorized point-of-sale of BAECHTOLD, as published on BAECHTOLD’S periodically updated website, and when BAECHTOLD has issued a Repair Receipt.

On a Repair Receipt BAECHTOLD records the exterior condition of a product as scratches, dents and  damages, and notes defects reported by the customer.

A BAECHTOLD Repair Receipt is provided only to acknowledge receipt of a product and its reported condition and does not entail BAECHTOLD’S obligation to service a product. With a Repair Receipt BAECHTOLD assumes responsibility for the safe-keeping of the product until it is examined, a quotation is made and it is returned to the customer, repaired or not.

BAECHTOLD receives and returns products at authorized point-of-sales only.

Delivery to other locations, as a home, office or hotel, is not part of BAECHTOLD’S service obligation. Any such irregular delivery point must be agreed to in writing by BAECHTOLD and may be subject to extra charges for delivery, shipping and packaging, and is only possible if the customer accepts liability for any damages, losses or charges incurred during pick-up or delivery to places other than authorised points-of-sales.

On return and delivery of a product the customer is obliged to check the product on receipt and to ensure it has no defects other than those recorded on the Repair Receipt and that the product corresponds to the one originally handed to BAECHTOLD. BAECHTOLD does not accept responsibility for claims subsequent to delivery.

If the customer for any reason refuses to accept the delivery the goods will be stored by BAECHTOLD at the customer’s expense pending acceptance.

6. Liability and Insurance

BAECHTOLD’S liability is limited to the price the customer paid for a product or to replacing the product by an equivalent one. BAECHTOLD’S liability will not exceed ThB200,000 (Thai Baht two hundred thousand) per product, unless prior to pick-up the customer provides evidence that the customer has paid a higher price and BAECHTOLD accepts that price by writing it on the Repair Receipt. In all circumstances BAECHTOLD’S liability will not exceed ThB1,000,000 (Thai Baht one million) per product, unless the customer has asked for and agreed to pay for insurance exceeding this amount, in which case a written agreement between the customer and BAECHTOLD is required. Insurance charges will be 1.5 % of the insured value and be for the customer’s account.

BAECHTOLD is not liable for any amount higher then the aforementioned, in particular not for perceived, inflated, emotional, collector, vintage or other values, nor for any economic losses, loss of goodwill, or other losses the customer may claim to have suffered as a result of any loss of a product by BAECHTOLD.

If the customer asks and BAECHTOLD agrees to pick-up or deliver a product by irregular or extra means as mentioned in paragraph 5, to any other designated location or premises as specified by the customer, BAECHTOLD is not liable for more than a maximum amount of to Thai Baht 200,000 (two hundred thousand) per product in any circumstances, always provided the customer declares the value to BAECHTOLD prior to pick-up or delivery and BAECHTOLD expressly accepts the value stated by the customer by writing it on a Repair Receipt.

Excluded from BAECHTOLD’S liability are any losses of products in transit or in safe-keeping by BAECHTOLD if these are caused by force majeure and/or acts of war or riots.

7. Delays and Limitations

BAECHTOLD is not liable for any delay or failure to deliver products or otherwise perform any obligation as specified in these terms and conditions if the same is wholly or partly caused, whether directly or indirectly, by circumstances beyond BAECHTOLD’S reasonable control and in particular if the delay or hindrance is caused by force majeure and/or acts of war or riots.

8. Terms of Payment

Delivery takes place only upon or after receipt of the customer’s payment. The customer can chose to pay by credit card or by any other agreed method of payment.

Payment is deemed made only when the amount has been credited to BAECHTOLD’S account.

9. Manufacturer’s International Limited Warranty

Some products, including in particular, but not limited to watches that are sold by BAECHTOLD, are covered under International Limited Warranty by the product’s manufacturer. The scope of any such International Limited Warranty is subject to each manufacturer’s published International Limited Warranty and may cover defects from materials and functions that are due to manufacturing mistakes.

Damages caused by accidents, careless handling, exposure to extreme temperatures, or from the use of faulty straps, batteries, mechanical parts or other components, or as a result of unauthorized modifications, are excluded from International Limited Warranties, as is the length of a battery’s life.

BAECHTOLD as authorized agent, distributor or reseller accepts to administer the warranty policies of the manufacturers we represent vis-à-vis customers in our territory for as long as we are appointed as agent, distributor or reseller for such products. We endeavour to facilitate and service such products under International Limited Warranty to the best of our capacities on condition that the manufacturer provides the full support under the International Limited Warranty issued by them. In no circumstances does a manufacturer’s International Limited Warranties constitute a product or service liability by BAECHTOLD of any kind or effect. The product and service liability is exclusively the manufacturer’s issuing the International Limited Warranty.

The manufacturers may change such International Limited Warranty from time to time. BAECHTOLD is not obliged to communicate such changes and it is the customer’s obligation to check such policies from the manufacturer’s Website or other documentation.

10. Conclusion

The laws of Thailand govern these terma and conditions and any dispute will be resolved exclusively in the courts of Bangkok, Thailand.

BAECHTOLD reserves the right to transfer, assign or sub-contract the benefit of the whole or part of any of its rights or obligations under these terms and conditions or any related contract to any third party.

If any portion of these terms and conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity or enforceability of the other sections of these terms and conditions shall not be affected.

These terms and conditions supersede all prior representations understandings and agreements between the custoemr and BAECHTOLD relating to services and Service Orders.

Bangkok, Thailand, 16th April 2015

Baechtold Limited, 12/2 Phaholyothin 37, Ladyao, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

© Copyright 2015. Baechtold Limited. All rights reserved.

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