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BAECHTOLD LIMITED | Jewelry and Watches


International watch brands retailed exclusively by our company in Thailand. Click on the brand name to go to the original web-site.


Corum Coin Featured - 1Aesthetics and technical excellence underpin the contributions of Corum to Fine Watchmaking, which since 1955 have been guided by creativity and boldness, as expressed in Corum’s Admiral’s Cup, Golden Bridge, Bubble and legendary Coin watch collections.


Faberge Visionnaire - 1What began with the ingenious artist-jeweller and goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, Peter Carl Fabergé, continues with the modern-day brand and its exquisite jewels, objects, and watches, timeless masterpieces of beauty, craftsmanship and perfection.


Century Watch - 1The art of the Swiss watchmaking region is home to the sophisticated workshops of Century Time Gems, where Philip W. A. Klingenberg, owner and son of the founder, cultivates an elegance that finds expression in exceptional material: CENTURY sapphire.

For information please contact our head-office, BAECHTOLD LTD., or our shop, CADEAUX JEWELRY.

Jewelry and Watches